Pomimex Stal Sp. z o.o. offers comprehensive services connected with archiving documents, in the following scope:

  • preparing documents for filing (both in the national archives and separate archives)
  • preparing records, i.e. document lists, handover lists,
  • preparing documents for file disposal,
  • arranging company archives and file storage,
  • creating file storages and company archives,
  • sorting files in file storages and company archives
  • conducting audit and inventory (archive storage),
  • preparing office and archive regulations, including subject file indexes and instructions,
  • storing documents in our archive (entry item: GP.II.K.8260.1.5.2011)

A broad range of courses for office, archive storage and company archives workers conducted by qualified staff of every level (including academic staff).

Write to (archiwum@pomimex.mogilno.pl) – we will answer your questions